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Dulux Pre-Paint Brush Cleaner/Degreaser

Dulux Pre-Paint Cleaner/Degreaser is designed for cleaning and maintaining paint brushes and rollers. Also a general purpose degreaser.

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Key benefits

Simple to use – dip the paint brush or roller into FIXIT Brush Cleaner / Degreaser, then flush with water.

Unique coupling action of Dulux Pre-Paint Brush Cleaner / Degreaser allows oil paint to wash easily and cleanly under the tap – no dirty sinks or wash basins.

Saves money – very little waste – only small amounts needed to do a perfect cleaning job.

Saves time – only one treatment required, while conventional thinners such as Turps require at least two.

As a degreaser, simply spray or brush onto garage floors, car engines etc., leave a while, then flush off with water.

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System information

It effectively cleans brushes and rollers used for applying solvent based paints and varnishes, but epoxy and other catalysed paints require a stronger solvent such as Dulux Trade Heavy Duty Thinners.