AkzoNobel's approach to sustainable business : People. Planet. Paint.

We strive to lead our industry by pioneering a world of possibilities to empower people and reduce our impact on the planet, while consistently innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions for our customers. That’s why we call our approach to sustainable business People. Planet. Paint.

Dulux Trade contributes to People. Planet. Paint

You want to do good for your business and for the environment. As do we.

So, let’s make a difference now. Together.

Dulux Trade can help you select the right tools & high-quality products that will help you to make lives happier, safer and more comfortable.

Together we can use the positive power of our sustainable PAINT to do the right thing for PEOPLE, the PLANET, and your business.

Let’s paint a better future, now.

Dulux Trade Sustaibility approach

People and Communities

Together we can use the power of paint to give back to people and communities by improving places where we meet, whether it is preserving iconic heritage and cultural buildings through innovative paint solutions we elevate communities by Adding Colour to People’s LivesTM.

Dulux Trade Sustaibility approach

Reduced Carbon & Energy

Minimising CO2 emissions together will go a long way with Dulux Trade water-based paint products that offer same quality and performance as solvent based standard products

Dulux Trade Sustaibility approach


Doing more with less saves the world’s resources by using products and packaging made from recycled and bio-based materials to achieve the desired results. Dulux Trade’s high-quality innovations, whether it’s offering better coverage with fewer coats, recycling and using bio-based materials, or contributing to the circular economy by using high quality products to prolong the life of painted surfaces and reduce maintenance cycles. We all have a part to play.

Dulux Trade Sustaibility approach

Health & Well-Being

Improving the indoor environment with our colour expertise and innovations can help enhance your living and working space. Mental health and well-being have become increasingly important in the busy environment we live in. Creating stress-free, brighter spaces and improving and promoting hygienic environments, our innovative products and services elevate both living and working spaces.

Dulux Trade Sustaibility approach

Longer lasting performance

Prolonging your maintenance cycles with our high-quality durable solutions ensures your substrates stay protected for longer, so you can maintain a budget as low as possible, satisfy your clients with low future maintenance, and keep surfaces looking good for longer while protecting the environment.

Dulux Trade Sustaibility approach

Less waste

By minimising waste while achieving the same great results, together we can maximise efficiency in parts of our value chain. We continue to focus on improving technologies and reusing water in production for our Dulux Trade water-based paints.

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