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AkzoNobel Sustainability Mission

We strive to lead our industry by pioneering a world of possibilities to empower people and reduce our impact on the planet, while consistently innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions for our customers.

That’s why we call our approach to sustainable business People. Planet. Paint.


AkzoNobel's Approach to Sustainable Business : People. Planet. Paint.


We act with integrity and respect human rights across our operations and value chain, embracing diversity and inclusion, to transform the communities in which we operate.


We minimise our environmental footprint, reducing carbon emissions and moving towards zero waste by pioneering increasingly sustainable solutions and processes.


We constantly innovate to bring surfaces to life by offering our customers the most sustainable solutions that go beyond generations.


Dulux Trade contributes to People. Planet. Paint

You want to do good for your business and for the environment. As do we.
So, let’s make a difference now. Together.

Dulux Trade can help you select the right tools & high-quality products that will help you to make lives happier, safer and more comfortable.
Together we can use the positive power of our sustainable PAINT to do the right thing for PEOPLE, the PLANET, and your business.

Let’s paint a better future, now.

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People and communities

Elevating People's Lives
Together we can use the power of paint to give back to people and communities by improving places where we meet;

- Heritage conservation is crucial for preservation of identity and culture for future generations.

- We bring our expertise in colour and innovative paint solutions to help to protect cultural heritage buildings around the world.

How can we contribute to people and communities? Through Dulux Trade innovative products and initiatives, together, we can:

- Improve the places where we meet

- Preserve the most iconic landmarks of our culture

- Elevate communities by adding color to people’s lives

PPP_Reduced-Carbon-Energy_90x90.png Reduced carbon and energy 2.png 3.png

Reduced Carbon & Energy

Limiting The CO2 Emissions
Together we can reduce the carbon footprint by using renewable materials and products that last longer or contain minimal VOCs.

- By using our water-based paint products with minimum VOC content and a lower carbon footprint*, you can contribute to reduction of environmental impact. (*Compared to solvent-based paint.)

How can we reduce energy and carbon footprint? Together, we can reduce our footprint, because:

Dulux Trade offers a wide range of waterborne paint products that minimize CO2 emissions, compared to solvent-borne products.

Dulux Trade water-based products offer the same quality & performance as standard solvent-based paints

PPP_Recycled-material_90x90.png Reduced, reused and recycled material use 4.png

Reduced, Reused and Recycled material use

Doing More With Less
Together we can save the world’s resources by using products and packaging made from recycled and biobased materials, that allow you to achieve outstanding results.

- By using durable products made from recycled and biobased ingredients, you can reduce the amount of virgin materials needed and still achieve the highest-quality finish.

How can we increase the usage of reduced, reused and recycled materials? Through Dulux Trade’s high-quality innovations, together we can:

- Achieve better coverage with fewer coats, without compromising on quality

- Minimise the usage of limited resources by using products formulated with recycled or biobased materialse

- Contribute to a more circular economy by prolonging the life of painted surfaces and reducing maintenance cycles

PPP_Health-Well-being_90x90.png Health and well-being 5.png

Health & well-being

Improving the indoor environment
Our colour expertise and innovations can help you to elevate living and working environments.

- By using paint innovations and colour expertise, you can enhance the quality of life in built environments.

How can we elevate health and well-being? Together, through our Dulux Trade colour expertise and innovative paint products we can:

- Enhance people’s mental health & well-being

- Increase concentration, reduce stress and brighten up spaces

- Improve & promotes a hygienic environment in both the living and working environments

PPP_Longer-lasting-performance_90x90.png Longer-lasting performance 4.png

Longer-lasting Performance

Prolonging your maintenance Cycles
With our highly durable solutions, your substrates will stay protected for longer, so you can keep your maintenance budget as low as possible and satisfy your clients.

- Protecting your buildings with durable paint will prolong your maintenance cycles, keep your maintenance budget as low as possible and save resources

How can you benefit from longer-lasting paints? Dulux Trade durable products for exterior and interior allow you to:

- Protect your surfaces and keep them clean and colorful for much longer

- Limit the labor and materials needed to keep a high-quality finish

- Keep your maintenance budget as low as possible, and at the same time help to protect the environment

PPP_Less-waste_90x90.png Less waste 4.png

Less Waste

Minimising Waste While Achieving the Same Great Results
Together we can contribute to waste reduction by maximising efficiency in all parts of our value chains.

-We have reused more than 50% of our waste in 2020 and continue to focus on improving technologies and reusing water in production of our water-based paints.

Together, we can use Dulux Trade innovations and know-how to:

- Reduce the consumption of water resources by reusing water in most water-intensive sites

- Maximise efficiency by reorganising our operations in a way that diminishes the squandering of resources.


Browse our sustainably-advanced products


Dulux Trade 65 Matt

Dulux Trade 65 Matt is a good quality paint with a matt finish for interior and exterior walls and ceilings.




Corrocote 3 Metal Primer

An excellent water-based primer for galvanised iron & mild steel. This anti-corrosive primer with excellent adhesion is Low VOC, quick drying and abrasion resistant. It provides a good base for top coating.



Suitable for interior walls & ceilings, Sterishield Diamond Eggshell is a quick drying, water-based paint that actively inhibits and reduces bacterial growth, promoting a hygienic environment.



Dulux Trade Eggshell Enamel

A tough and durable paint with an attractive mid-sheen finish that is low odour and quick drying. With superior stain resistance this product is suitable for interior use in kitchen & bathrooms. Repeatable wipeable eggshell finish.




Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt

Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt is a premium paint that has a positive sustainability impact. Formulated for interior walls and ceilings, Ecosure Matt provides excellent coverage and application, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of quality and performance.




Dulux Trade Ecosure Silk

Dulux Trade Ecosure Silk is a premium paint that has a positive sustainability impact. Formulated for interior & exterior walls, Ecosure Silk provides excellent coverage and application, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of quality and performance.



Dulux Trade Ecosure Plaster Primer

A premium low VOC water-based plaster primer with excellent adhesion & sealing properties. Suitable for interior & exterior use on masonry surfaces, Ecosure Plaster Primer has good alkali resistance, seals porous plaster and provides a sound surface for top coating.



Dulux Trade Sterishield

A quick drying, water-based paint which actively inhibits and reduces bacterial growth, promoting a hygienic environment. Suitable for interior walls & ceilings.




Dulux Trade Tuffcote Epoxy Enamel

A premium water-based zero VOC epoxy enamel for interior use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Chemical resistant finish coat on steel and concrete surfaces in chemical plants, oil refineries and other steel structures. This product withstands nuclear radiation and is easily decontaminated.



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