Woodgard Timbapreservative

Deep down protection for all exterior wooden surfaces
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Key benefits
  • Woodgard Timbapreservative is not a varnish - it will not flake, crack or disintegrate on timber.
  • Woodgard Timbapreservative enhances the natural beauty of wood, highlighting the grain.
  • It is a maintenance coating. Once the first coat has worn through, or after 6 to 12 months, simply apply another coat.
  • Saves time and money.
  • It is not sticky or difficult to apply. Flows on with a brush with little effort.
  • It is the economical way of giving protection to exterior woodwork.
  • Water repellent.
Technical Information
  • Finish Low Sheen
  • Coverage Approx 10 m² per litre per coat
  • Recoatable 48 hours at 23ºC (significantly higher at the coast, and during cold, wet or humid conditions).
  • Thinning Brush- Apply in an even thickness and finish in the direction of the grain. Thin the first coat 50% with Mineral Turpentine to aid penetration on raw wood. Thin second coat 10% followed by the final coat un-thinned. Allow 48 hours (2 days) drying time between coats.
  • Composition Solvent-based
Product Features
  • Flexible layer-crack,& peeling resistant
  • Enriched with oils that seep into the wood
  • Flows easily for a uniform finish

Product Description

Woodgard Exterior Timbapreservative is a penetrating wood dressing for the protection of all exterior wooden surfaces only

Application Description

Brush or conventional spray.

Technical & Safety Documentation

Ensure that surfaces are sound and free from dust, dirt, grease and oil. Surfaces must be thoroughly dry - no more than 12% moisture content. Do not apply during cold (below 10°C) or wet weather. Do not apply directly to bare metal surfaces – stop nail holes with wood filler. Do not apply to wet or damp timber. Do not attempt to apply so thickly as to form a film – this may blister, blanch or peel off. It is important to treat the end grain of timber to prevent moisture ingress. It is important to adhere strictly to Application Methods, and to allow adequate drying between coats. N.B. WOODGARD TIMBAPRESERVATIVE is not recommended for floors or decking.

Colour Range


Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Suitable for application to exterior windows, doors, barge boards, etc.
  • 2. Cleaning
    For clean up use Dulux Pre-Paint Brush Cleaner Degreaser or Mineral Turpentine
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