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Dulux Woodgard Rubbol

Woodgard Rubbol is a penetrating wood dressing for the protection of all exterior wooden surfaces only

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Application information

Approx 10 m² per litre per coat

Touch dry
48 Hours

Key benefits

Woodgard Rubbol is not a varnish - it will not flake, crack or disintegrate on timber.

It is based on proven international formulating experience which gives deep nourishing wood protection against extreme weather

It is not a paint and will not obliterate the wood. Woodgard Rubbol enhances the natural beauty of wood, highlighting the grain, and water repellent

It is a maintenance coating. Once the first coat has worn through, or after 6 – 12 months, simply apply another coat. Saves time and money

It is not sticky or difficult to apply. Flows on with a brush with little effort

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