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Dulux Trade Tuffcote Epoxy Enamel

Dulux Trade Tuffcote Waterbased Epoxy Enamel is a solvent free waterbased epoxy enamel for interior use.Does not contain any solvents (zero VOC). Chemical resistant finish coat on steel and concrete surfaces in chemical plants, mines and oil refineries. Clean sand or glass beads can be stirred into freshly mixed paint to give a non-slip finish on floors.

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Application information

Brush: Approx. 8m² per litre at 50μm DFTSpray: Approx. 7m² per litre at 50μm DFT

Potable water

Key benefits

Resistant to fresh and salt water, oils and chemicals when fully cured – withstands continuous immersion up to 60°C.

Once fully cured (after 4 days), the product can withstand cold temperatures as low as -40°C.

Withstands nuclear radiation and is easily decontaminated.

Completely free of Mesityl Oxide, and is therefore recommmended for use in breweries.

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System information

Ready for use when mixed. Potable water if required for spray application.Do not apply directly to bare metal surfaces. Curing at temperatures below 15°C is slow, thus if `cold-rooms’ are to be painted, they must be brought up to 20-25°C or higher for 72 hours to assist with curing. High temperatures will shorten pot life and drying times, while low temperatures and high relative humidity will lengthen drying time. The relative humidity must be below90% during application. Equipment and brushes must be cleaned immediately with tap water. Only suitable for interior use - the film tends to yellow and chalk on exposure to sunlight. Not suitable for direct application to powdery or friable surfaces whether previously painted or not. Use Dulux Trade Hi-Chem Epoxy Enamel for a brilliant white finish. Although Dulux Trade Tuffcote Epoxy Enamel can be used for squash court walls is it not suitable for squash court floors.