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Dulux Trade Smooth Ripple

Dulux Trade Smooth Ripple is a smooth, washable paint with a rippled finish for interior and exterior plaster and concrete walls.Useful for converting uneven concrete surfaces to an even, grit-free, smooth textured finish. Particularly suitable for wall areas where there is heavy traffic, e.g. corridors, alleys etc.

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Application information

Approx 2 m² per litre per coat

Thinning not recommended.

Key benefits

For interior and exterior use

High build, one coat cover

Water-based therefore low odour

Smooth silky ripple finish without aggregate

Pack sizes

5L, 20L

System information

Thinning not recommended. Ready for use after thorough stirring.Do not apply directly to bare metal surfaces. Essentially a wall coating. For areas subject to continual handling/soiling, e.g. cupboards and door frames, use Dulux Trade Eggshell Enamel Dulux Trade 100 Gloss Enamel, Trade Pearlglo Non-Drip Enamel or Dulux WaterBased Pearlglo.Not suitable for direct application to powdery or friable surfaces whether previously painted or not.Not suitable for use in kitchen and bathrooms.