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Dulux Pre-Paint Sugar Soap

Dulux Pre-Paint Sugar Soap is used to clean and degrease surfaces prior to repainting.

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Application information

Dependent on application

Touch dry
0 Hours

Always protect linoleum, parquet, carpets, fabric and polished surfaces from contact with Sugar Soap solutions. FIXIT Drop Sheets are the best way to protect such surfaces. Sugar Soap solutions should not be used on aluminium or wooden surfaces

Key benefits

Ideal for cleaning walls and preparing them for painting- 2 tablespoon to 1L hot water

Concentrated – less needed for maximum effectiveness

Quick and easy to use, low foaming, non-caustic and non-abrasive.

General purpose cleaner – removes all kinds of household dirt. 1 tablespoon to 1L hot water

Also useful for keeping toilets and drainpipes clean and ublocked

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